Malion Ivory

Big tits Sci-fi Male protagonist Oral sex Bdsm Simulator Animated Big ass 3d game Character creation

About game:

You play as an illegal brothel owner, set onboard a space ship in the year 2269. With an illegal 3D printer you can create sentient sex dolls for both personal use, and/or worker dolls. Dolls gain experience and are effected by your actions. They will need time to rest and heal after prolonged interaction.
The space ship will have modular building spots, allowing you to buy and place specific stations around your ship, each with there own stats and effects on the dolls. Dolls are then assigned to the stations as you see fit. For example, you could place the Urinal (Seen in the cover image above) allowing you to relieve your self and fuck the dolls face. This could be used as a punishment if the doll has been a little rebellious. Or you could place a room full of glory holes, allowing random people (or aliens) to use the doll and pay you for pleasure.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Malion Ivory

Status: Abandoned

Version: Demo

Censored: No

Engine: Unreal Engine

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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