Frozen Past

Incest 3dcg Male protagonist Masturbation Futa/trans Oral sex Handjob Romance Teasing Rape Voyeurism Graphic violence Animated Vaginal sex Sandbox

About game:

Frozen Past is set in the near future (so no spaceships and no stargate) in which our hero wakes up with no memory of his past. His relatives seem reluctant to reveal it to him and our amnesiac, will have to go through many obstacles to recover his lost life. But is it worth it? Thread Updated: 2023-02-27 Release Date: 2023-02-27 Developer: Leonave Patreon - Discord - Twitter Censored: No Version: 0.31 OS: Windows, Mac, Linux Languages: English, French Genre:
3DCG, Animated, Exhibisionism, Futa/Trans, Graphic violence, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Oral sex, POV, Rape, Romance, Sandbox, Teasing, Vaginal sex. Installation:
1. Extract and run Frozenpast.exe 2. To install the incest patch, download patch.rpyc and place it in the "game" folder. Make sure that there is no save of the game. Changelog:
v0.31 About 145 new renders 4 new animations French translation for v0.31 Bug fixes and typos of v0.3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.3 About 815 new renders 13 new animations French translation for v0.3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.2 About 300 new renders 4 new animations Implementation of the gallery French translation for v0.2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.1.2 Corrective patch: I added in the top right of the map, a small indicator that opens a progress log. I took the opportunity to correct some typo and names/pronouns problems. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.1.1 About 550 new renders French translation for v0.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.05 About 450 new renderings 4 new animations French translation for v0.05 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.04 About 320 new renderings 1 new animation English proofreading by a third party to correct spelling, syntax and especially the wording for all v0.03 French translation for v0.04 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.03 - Fixed some spelling/typing errors. - 350 renders - 2 Animations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.02 Corrected The version displayed in Game (v0.01) did not correspond to the real version (v0.02) which caused some confusion for players thinking that there was a problem with the links. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.02 - Correction of navigation difficulties: --- Arrowing the less obvious directions. --- Removing the requirement to look at everything at Rachel's to move forward. - Possibility to skip the rape scene for the sensitive souls. - Fixed some spelling/typing errors. - French translation for the game. - About 300 extra renders for a very short sequel, so that we don't have only game fixes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v0.01 650 images 2 short animations Developer Notes:
Since it is not yet implemented in the game I can't put it in the TAGS but this game will mainly have Male on female and Male on Futa and Futa on male and especially incest. Futa can be avoided and if it is not avoided there is still the possibility to avoid some content in the content. For example you can choose futa scenes but avoid futa on male to only have male on futa or vice versa. There will also be Milf, sleeping sex and much more. I would like to make some clarifications, the rape does not concern the MC, nor one of his future romance or booty call. There will also be NO NTR at any time!!! DOWNLOAD Win/Linux: MEGA - ANONFILE - GOFILE - MIXDROP Mac: MEGA - ANONFILE - GOFILE - MIXDROP Others: COMPRESSED* - ANDROID* Uncensor Patch: LEWDPATCHER *This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.



Developer: Leonave

Status: In progress

Version: v0.31

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English, French

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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