Lermose: McNiel Story

Rpg Corruption Male protagonist Ntr Creampie Female protagonist Text based Real porn Vaginal sex 2d game Multiple protagonist

About game:

What is Lermose? Lermose is an imaginary country in which this and other games will take place. The real prototype is the United States of America. The cities described in the game also do not exist and are a general description of American cities. McNiel - surname of the protagonist you will play as. He lives a perfect life in a small quiet town near a large metropolis. The protagonist recently got married, bought a house and works for a large company owned by his father. The protagonist, in principle, is satisfied with everything in his life, except for some disagreements with his wife, who works nowhere because of psychological limitations. What can go wrong? WARNING: project will include not avoidable NTR



Developer: LeCreatore

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.1.2

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

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