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About game:

SkyRanch.Life is a 2D Hand-Drawn Free RPG Dating Sim Visual Novel with a Vampire anti-hero male protagonist. SkyRanch.Life combines Dating, Visual Novel, and RPG gameplay in a Sci-Fi setting to tell the character's story influenced by player's choices. Date Elves, Monsters, Furries, Yourself, and who knows what else ✝ Explore and fight ⚔ your way through dungeons to save or plunder whoever or whatever the fuck is after the last boss.
Update #1 Update #2 Update #3 Update #4 Update #5 Update #6 Update #7 Update #8 Update #9 Update #10 This post will be updated periodically as the game development progresses.
I'm JeFawk and along with Frostnight (the artist) we are a game dev couple making games for almost a decade. We've recently started an adult project and we'd be thrilled to get feedback on it and also on how to format this post to be more bearable For more info and a better looking layout, feel free to visit the website: https://SkyRanch.Life or our Patreon

The first playable character is Vleed Sângerel, a vampire socially unadjusted for spatial travel. He has been yeeted off his homeland for biting the wrong butt at the wrong time and now he has to pretend to be normal because It's just easier for the common folk to understand. Use your Vampiric Powers to get stuff done, but beware of the Crime system (like you post some adult stuff on social media and you get banned for being naughty) . Some of these powers allow you to quickly progress through parts of the game, but it all comes at a cost.

In SkyRanch you will be able to aquire varius Ranch Plots where you can hoard your loot and other possessions, grow stuff, and keep some friendly farm "animals." Even if you personally might not enjoy digging in the dirt and planting seeds, the produce you grow can be used for crafting / cooking / bribing and to keep your cowgirls and bullboys fed and happy. And you can never be too sure when you'll need a handy potion to largely enhance your adventuring experience. If you're feeling fancy and do not wish to sleep with the open universe above your head, build a house that can be used and abused at your leisure. Oh and .. before you bring any of the locals home ... you might want to furnish the place to not look like a traveling serial killer

The game is developed in HTML5 and will be free and playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with possible browser and mobile support (if our bandwidth Lords do not place Curses upon this land).
Every pledge lets us dedicate more time to develop the game instead of looking for freelancing work / other projects. We are very grateful for any support. Pledges also offer you some special perks such as patreon-only posts, WIPS, early builds, voting, private discord channels, and more. The game is in early development and we're very transparent regarding the state of the game and the updates which slowly build it up. Just ask us on Discord (but don't spam lol).
Vampire Story Vampiric Powers unlocking vampire specific interactions and possibilities Diverse dialogue choices Multiple interactable and diverse characters to date RPG elements: stats, dice rolling - these influence your actions / dialogue choices Pets that follow and help you in your adventures Technical part: engine building and architecture
Movement and combat Open world roaming Housing: from coffin to castle Farming Fishing Cooking Crafting Ranch interactions with your ranch-girls and ranch-guys Thread Updated:2023-08-27 Release Date: 2023-07-26 Developer: JeFawk's Spaghettorium - Patreon - Official Website - Discord - Twitter - Tumblr Censored: No Version: 0.1.1 OS: Windows, Linux, Mac Language: English Development Thread: Link Genre:
2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Dating sim, Humor, Point & click, Sandbox, Rpg, Exhibitionism, Furry, Management, Monster girl, groping,
Sex toys, Monster, Tentacles Installation:
If you're running Windows, pick the WebView2 version, extract and run. We also wrote a small guide here on how to run the game if you have issues and more info on our website. Changelog:
v. 0.1.2 - link to the post - Fixed a bunch of bugs - Removed Save-Load system cause it was causing random issues Huge thread here for past updates. Developer Notes:
This version (0.1.2) is a weird combination of a demo + vertical slice + early access. Speed run: 6 mins. Average run with some reading and exploring: ~15 min. Full run with reading everything, exploring everything, trying other branches and spells: 40+ min. Game file size ~180 MB. DOWNLOAD Win: GDRIVE - GOFILE - PIXELDRAIN - BACKBLAZE Mac (Apple Silicon): GDRIVE - GOFILE - PIXELDRAIN - BACKBLAZE Mac (Intel): GDRIVE - GOFILE - PIXELDRAIN - BACKBLAZE Linux: GDRIVE - GOFILE - PIXELDRAIN - BACKBLAZE



Developer: JeFawk's Spaghettorium

Status: In progress

Version: v0.1.2

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac


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