Lewd Realm Sacrifice Araka ~A JK Exorcist Horror RPG

Rpg Monster Tentacles Pregnancy Oral sex Female protagonist Rape Horror Japanese game Voiced 2dcg Vaginal sex 2d game Censored

About game:

For Araka, this job was supposed to just be a bit of clean-up duty. The Exorcist Association had already dealt with this "lewd realm". The powerful monster lurking within, sealed by 5 exceptionally skilled exorcists. But Araka has been captured and trapped inside, and it seems things won't be so easy... For the sake of her beloved, Araka cannot give up. In a world that works to strip away her humanity with every step, Araka must continue to fight. It's been two months since your lover Araka disappeared. You have basically no exorcist experience, and your only useful skill is the little spiritual attunement you were born with. Can you save Araka and get her out of that hellish world?



Developer: I'm Moralist

Status: Completed

Version: 20210620

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (MTL) /Japanese

Platforms: Windows

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