Sex and Sex Again Revival

Incest Male protagonist Netorare Prostitution Female protagonist Rape Text based Anal sex Multiple protagonist Ai cg

About game:

You've lived a horrible life and upon death, somehow woke up as your 18 year old self. You wish you could re-do your life again but there's one problem: you're stuck in a time loop. You wake up everyday to strong teenage hormones guiding your every action. Will you try to escape or live consequence free? Sex and Sex Again Revival is an adult themed, 2nd person, choose-your-own-adventure game. It’s based around the idea of you reliving the same day over and over and your sexual adventures with your family (incest). It is intended to be a realistic depiction of an ideal story-book family where you play the role as one of the younger twins of the Jones’s (customizable last names) in modern times. This story is and will remain mostly text. It is told to engage your imagination and senses and not focused on imagery. AI generated or other Art styles are currently planned for the game although it is not the main focus.
You will take the role of Kevin or Kelly (both 18, customizable main character first name) after they die in their 80’s and are brought back to life at 18. They are stuck, reliving that summer day over and over for mysterious reasons. They must navigate around their lawyer father, Jim(44), stay-at-home-mom, Judy(42), eldest brother Fred(24) and sassy older sister Abby(22) and other gendered twin Kevin/Kelly everyday with all their excessive hormones. With infinite tries, comes infinite possibilities that are not always wholesome. This game will include rape, NTR/cuckold, prostitution, domination, submission, extreme forms of sex, blackmailing, role-playing, sodomy and much, much more. Currently, there is a $3 final product campaign and honestly think it’s a good pricing model. Continued support means you get to know what’s the latest. Think of it as a revolving tipping system where you’re guaranteed the final product at 1 pledge, however subsequent pledges get you access to the latest “shiny” content. Previous or non-pledgers will get access to "barebones" public update with occasional shiny content integration... (if that makes any sense) I’m determined to hammer this out to have the game be increasingly accessible and refined. I’ve stated before, I have no idea what the end product will be but it will be something worth poking through. For current pledger: Most current ‘shiny’ versions, (images, features, cheats), end premium version guaranteed For previous/One time pledgers:Access to recent free barebones update, occasional premium version integrations with end premium version guaranteed For curious viewers: Access to recent free barebones update and occasional premium version integrations. Once development completes/campaign ends, the pricing model may change. This is a hint that you should pledge once and wait for the 2025 release. Updates will be inconsistent and customer service is non-existent but barring life changing events, it will be finished. Thank you! So, if any of that interests you, I am developing it full time and have a subscribestar campaign where you can support and receive weekly updates of it. You can easily reach it by going to It is the easiest way to see updates and releases as there are no logins required. The story is currently more than 370,000 words or 800 pages and about 25% complete. Realistically, I believe it will take 2 years to finish with a pending 2025 release. Further expansions may be considered after but the final product will be between 2-3 million words once completed. Stories/characters outside of the Jones family may be considered post release, patching and refinement. Thank you!



Developer: IcarusDragon

Status: In progress

Version: v2305AlphaB

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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