Exorcist Shrine Maiden Miharu ~The Licentious Journal of her Captive Violation~

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About game:

Exorcist Shrine Maidens. The only hope which stands between Incubi and women. Miharu and Yae are two such Maidens known for their demon slaying proficiency and stand up to protect woman from their salacious threat. But one day, the two face a peril beyond their capability. Maradas, the King of all Incubi, suddenly appears before and mercilessly defeats them. They are then taken to his castle in the void and imprisoned in a licentious dungeon... There they receive violation upon violation as the incubi get their revenge. On top of that, Megore the Disciplinary Master, sets his sight on Miharu and thus begins her perverted masochist training... In t he end, can the two 'maidens' successfully escape from the lewd castle and return to their own world before they become sex slaves to the soul...? In this RPG, explore the incubus ridden dungeon in search of a route to escape! All the erotic scenes are RAPE / TORTURE / DISCIPLINE. Recommended for those that love Heroine in a Pinch / Damsel In Distress situations.



Developer: Ibotsukigunte

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (Edited MTL by 12asdasdasd34)

Platforms: Windows


More games from: [Ibotsukigunte]

Rating: Not rated

Tales in Distress [v1.2]

An adventure game set in a fantasy world ruled by sword and magic. Sisters go to fight off the bandits to save their native village; however, they get a counterattack and become captive.

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