Magic Castle RePureAria 2

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About game:

A boy and girl with amnesia wander through the wilderness until they're taken in by a friendly hot spring village. They've just settled in to their new lives, when a giant monstrous eyeball attacks, kidnapping the girl and spiriting her away to Majo, the magic fortress inhabited by all kinds of inhibitionless monster girls! Strangely, whilst the monster has taken her body, her mind has remained behind, inside the boy, granting him magical powers and the ability to transform into a new female form. With his new powers he races off to Majo to save his friend! Magic Castle RePureAria 2 is the sequel to Magic Castle RePureAria. Like the first game it's a 2D Metroidvania style game, where you navigate a maze-like castle to collect new items, skills and forms to transform into. By having sex with monster girls they might even form a contract with you, allowing you to call upon their skills to further power up. The game is longer and more in depth than the first; now, each familiar is a unique ally with her own set of skills that can be changed and improved.



Developer: House of Black Dream Fantasies

Status: Completed

Version: v1.25

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [House of Black Dream Fantasies]


Magic Castle RePureAria [v1.23]

When a demon attacked an ordinary boy, he lost consciousness, and awoke in a castle full of monsters inhabiting the same body as that castle's princes ...

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