The Demon's Stele & The Dog Princess

Male protagonist Stripping Groping Loli Japanese game Animated Sleep sex Puzzle 2dcg Vaginal sex

About game:

Saving the princess from a demon's hands just like in fairy tales! You will be dueling your soul competing against a demon who was accidentally awaken by mistake! As a hero, you are risking your life for none other, but the princess of this kindom! She was cursed by the demon into puppy looking, and she needs your help! In order to be changed back to human, the princess will agree to any of your requests, even the lewd and hentai ones! While you go on your quest of defeating demon, use the magic --- "Dialogue Decision" to obtain her heart, and your magnificent sex skills to conquer her body! You get to make the decision for the princess's future! You can have her as a pet or have her as your bride...Make sure you choose wisely!



Developer: HappyLambBarn

Status: Completed

Version: v1.07

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English/Japanese/Chinese/Spanish

Platforms: Windows

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