Girl in Charge

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About game:

"Girl in Charge" follows the sexual adventures of Vanessa (or Nessa to her friends) after a particular event...she decides to do what she wants (sexually) without prejudices or judgments. It is okay if she has to seduce some folks along the way. However, she might have to face the consequences of her actions.
This game has some unique/original features: Build Your Scene: As you play the game, you unlock characters and backgrounds that you can use later to create your own dialog scenes, where you can select up to 5 characters, position them in the scene, select facial expression and clothes, and add your own dialog! Favorites: You are playing the game and see an image you like? Give it a "Thumbs Up" and later on you can check your favorite images through the "Favorites" menu! Chapter Selection: Once you unlocked a chapter, you can replay it later on, through the "Chapters" menu! You don't need to replay the whole game if you want to try a different route. This game does not have a Lesbian Only path and there is unavoidable F/M sex. Impressions about the game: "Whore On The Prowl" "The dialogue is porny flat" "the MC has basically decided to be an open buffet" (After reading some of the impressions, download the game at your own risk...)



Developer: GrimaGrima

Status: Onhold

Version: v0.31.0b

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

More games from: [GrimaGrima]


Girl in Charge - Chapter 6 Part 1 [v0.30.0b]

"Girl in Charge" follows the sexual adventures of Vanessa (or Nessa to her friends) after a particular event...she decides to do what she wants (sexua ...

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