Shia and the Mini Tentacle Dungeon!

Fantasy Tentacles Female protagonist Rape Loli Japanese game 2dcg Vaginal sex 2d game Censored

About game:

★Summary Shia, a star mage who can use star magic, enjoys collecting magical tools and collects all sorts of things. One day, Shia is asked to strike a core base of the "Flying Tentacle Monster Sect," a group that worships tentacles, while he is away. Will Shia be able to successfully carry out her request? ......! ★Game Overview The player controls the protagonist "Shia." The objective is to reach the end of the base while defeating tentacles and destroy the core. There are 10 basic CGs including 5 CGs of tentacle events and 5 standing pictures (with variantions for each). Play time is assumed to be about 30 minutes if CG is ignored. ・TRPG-style combat in which players roll dice and fight based on the rolls re durable and can be torn! (Can be repaired) ・Events along the way are also judged by dice, so it depends on your luck what happens to you! ・The rule above makes the game very random.



Developer: GABAGABAGovernment

Status: Completed

Version: v1.0

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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