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About game:

Mikitaka Nagata is an office worker who often travels on business, and his girlfriend, Akiraku Shinokura.
They started dating through a college circle exchange. They started living together when they started working and were now living a peaceful life in an apartment. One day, however, Mikitaka was told by an acquaintance at a drinking party The rumor is that "Shinokura Meiraku was a bitchy woman who played around with men a lot. Mikitaka denies this nonsense, but is curious and questions Akiraku. She hesitantly admits that the rumor is true and apologizes for hiding it from him. This triggers Mikitaka to realize his proclivity for cuckoldry. He said, "I don't mind having sex with other men while I'm away on business." After giving permission to Meiraku, he leaves Japan. And one month later. Mikitaka returned from his business trip with some regrets that he had given such an outrageous permission. Meiraku greets him with a smile as usual. What happened to the case?" Myoraku replied to Mikitaka's inquisitive question, "How did it go down? I can tell you--as long as you listen to me as if I'm just making it up. Mikitaka is puzzled by his lover's lewd expression, which he has never seen before. Akiraku, who sneers at him, tells him what she did and when and with whom. Is this exaggerated "made-up story" really just a "made-up story"? A man is tossed about by doubts and lust, and a woman laughs heartily. A night alone with just the two of them goes on. ......



Developer: Fried tomatoes

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English(MTL)

Platforms: Windows


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