Blue Guardian: Margaret

Adventure Fantasy Monster Female protagonist Stripping Japanese game Side-scroller Shooter Voiced 2dcg Censored

About game:

FoxEye presents the 2D Underwater Action adventure of Margaret, Guardian of the Tower of the Water Deity.
* Smooth underwater swimming, tight responsive action, speedy gun shooting. Obtain new abilities as you explore the open sea, fire magic bullets to discover hidden paths and items, and strengthen Margaret as you go. Created in the time-honored tradition of explorer action games, there are 3 difficulty settings to match the preference of any player. Set in the flooded sea-tower of a water god, BLUE GUARDIAN is the beautiful, sometimes gruesome, modestly sexy portrayal of a girl who uses no gear: a natural underwater diver. * "Margaret" received heavenly orders to protect the "Tower of the Water Deity" as its Guardian. But she's an easygoing girl. Guardians are usually strong because they're masters of a variety of magic and martial arts. Margaret, however, is poor at magic, so she uses two large-sized pistols that fire magical bullets. She is full of vitality and has built up her body, but she's learned no martial arts or stuck to anything like that. In short, she has slacked in her everyday duty as the Guardian. Her laziness has let the Tower of the Water Deity fill with monsters and its water become polluted, troubling the humans and angering the gods. Apollo, in charge of communication between the Guardian and all gods, has ordered Margaret to reveal the source of the pollution and wipe out the monsters. The story of Margaret begins now...



Developer: FoxEye

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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