Pocket Dungeon

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About game:

"Beware of the mysterious dungeons that have appeared all over the region. Something seems to have corrupted them into becoming... a more dangerous place." -Notice board at the guild Pocket Dungeon is a Pokémon game with animated scenes and the dungeon roguelike style of the mystery dungeon games. In this game, the MC is Lucario, a Pokémon and you can choose its gender at the start. The goal of the current demo is going through every floor of the dungeon until the end, which is the 35th floor without you becoming too corrupted to continue from either losing or submitting to the other mons. All enemies currently are either male or genderless. It also contains several kinks that can all be disabled, preventing anything tied to it from appearing and the scenes are replaced by ones without it.



Developer: FerisLycan

Status: Completed

Version: v0.3.1

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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