The Fapocalypse

Incest Milf Corruption Big tits Male protagonist Masturbation Simulator Voyeurism Text based Combat Horror Big ass Real porn Vaginal sex Anal sex Dystopian setting

About game:

The world has fallen to chaos after all the males were wiped out from earth by an unknown virus. "The D-POX", like the nations named it, is targeting libido and the blood flow to the male reproductive organ. The symptoms are so intense that the men were dying from too rapid changes in their blood circulation with it going all in the same place, which left basically none in the brain. In a matter of weeks, the male gender was eradicated except for one individual, you.
As the last surviving male in a world ravaged by the virus, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders. You possess a rare genetic resistance to the virus, which allows you to release the dangerous blood flow by reaching orgasm, but the symptoms are still frequent, and the more you help yourself, the more you become desensitized and the harder it gets to release the pressure, you may need the women around you. It is up to you to provide and build a safe and secure environment for them. Will you rise to the challenge and uncover the truth behind the virus and the sinister organization known as the MAD, or will you succumb to the dangers that threaten to end your life and the lives of those you hold dear? The choice is yours.



Developer: FAP Online Creation

Status: In progress

Version: v0.0.3

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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