Earth's Last Guardian

Incest 3dcg Male protagonist Sandbox

About game:

You play as an average guy, living with your sister after a worldwide pandemic wipes out 96 % of the world’s population. After your uncle dies a mysterious letter appears in your room, as soon as you finish reading the letter a strange door materializes in your room, drawn to the door you cannot help but to open it and step through. And so, starts your adventure, you will meet many new friends and a great many new enemies. How you play the game is mostly left up to you, you can play it out on earth ignoring the strange dimension through the doorway or spend your time in their and finding out the legacy of your family and the guardian that came before you. A small hint to progress past the town being the only thing unlocked:
There is content that unlocks after day 4 (it is a somewhat random trigger) keep an eye on the desk in your bedroom. Once you have been through this scene there is another break of 3-4 days (could take longer) where the MC thinks things over and decides what he is going to do. For those so inclined If you wish to fast track through the game I would advise changing the MCs name to Tester (this is case sensitive, make sure the first T is capitalized), this will unlock "dev mode" which has some dev commands. The only one I would advise using is the level up command, as using anything that may change event states risks bricking the game. To change the name press shift + o Some useful commands that shouldn't break the game (to use any of these type then into the shift + o screen): pc.mcname = "Tester" pc.max_hunger = 1000 pc.max_thirst = 1000 inventory.crystals = 50000 inventory.pounds = 50000 inventory.sandwich = 50 inventory.soda = 50 inventory.hp_potion = 50


Rating: Not rated

Developer: EcchiYoYo Productions

Status: In progress

Version: v0.0.3h

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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