Housemaid Ladies Disturb My Study!

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About game:

The protagonist’s parents are out of the house due to their business trip so a housemaid Tomoe-san comes to take care of the protagonist. But her beautiful appearance attracts his attention too much… “I can’t concentrate on my study…!” Despite the fact that he will take entrance examinations in the coming year, his sex drive bar increases instead of his study bar. He must manage both his sexual desire and study! (GUIDE & SAVES INCLUDED) Thanks Sillynius for sharing the file.
* DojinOtome presents a Quiz Game! Increase the protagonist’s study parameters by answering quizzes! * Let’s have physical intimacies with heroines! In addition to the main heroine Tomoe-san, there are three sub-heroines. In order to get close to them, he has to answer quizzes related to their profiles. * Not Only Reading Through Scenes!? The “Touching System” + X-Ray Animations! You play this game with a mouse, not a keyboard. Which means you can touch each part of heroines’ bodies to enjoy the H scenes (and normal scenes too)! Plus cross-sectional view animations are implemented for more “feeling of penetration”! * First Ever? Standing H Mode Depending on erotic parameters of heroines, you can have sex with them anywhere anytime! * “Quiz Tower Mode” for Completionists You have to choose correct answers 100 times consecutively to clear this mode!



Developer: DojinOtome

Status: Completed

Version: 1.06

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (MTL)

Platforms: Windows

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