Orc of Ambitia: Nationwide Edition

Slave 3dcg Adventure Male protagonist Fantasy Monster Pregnancy Oral sex Bdsm Rape Simulator Japanese game Animated Humiliation Vaginal sex Anal sex Censored

About game:

Turn all the female heroes and princesses into breeding slaves! The Orcs will rule this entire nation! Capture the female heroes and princesses from all over the nation and 'discipline' them at your human farm to strengthen the Orc regimes! - Randomly generated 3D characters. Over 100,000,000 different combinations! - Heroes, princesses, beastgirls, elves, non human skin tones and more! Find and capture a breeding slave that fits your tastes perfectly! - The discipline mode contains, whip, candle wax, enemas, diuretics, wooden horse, iron branding and various positions of sex!
I transferred 80 percent, the remaining 20% are encrypted. But the most important thing was translated, including menus and storyline. With the storyline, the game makes sense and colors. Translation works only on the game version 1.21, on other versions 100% will lead to the breakdown of the game.



Developer: dieselmine

Status: Completed

Version: v1.21

Censored: Yes

Engine: Unity

Languages: English (MTL)

Platforms: Windows

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