Otaku's Fantasy 2/Monmusu Conquered World

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About game:

In face of the evil monster girls that suddenly appeared, humanity stood no chance, life force mere sustenance to be devoured and their lives snuffed from this mortal plane. When all hope was thought lost, the protagonist falls from a cliff when wandering a mountain, in search of a haven free from the assault of monster girls... Oops... is all hope lost after all? More info No! Upon awakening, he finds an unfamiliar sword in his hand. "Use the LifeSword, and save your world from devastation." He hears a voice resonate from somewhere... Can such a weak young man like himself really save the world...? Half in doubt, the protagonist takes the LifeSword and challenges a monster in battle but... his expectations are totally betrayed. For he is almost instantly defeated, consecutively reverse r*ped and upon being sucked dry... dies... All hope is........... NOT LOST! Huh? I thought I died? What's going on...? That's right, he revives from the dead! Even more powerful than before!? As the prophecy tells, can this young hero (YOU) really fight against the evil monster girls and reclaim the world for humanity?
[Situations] --------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Reverse r*pe by a gang of goblin girls - Verbal abuse and cumsuckery fellatio by a Lizardman (girl) - Sucked into a painting by a painting like monster girl - Cowgirl style reverse rape by a doppelganger with your face - Giant succubus lickfest and vore - Reverse r*pe and consumption by an Arachne monster girl - Blood sucking mummification by a mosquito monster girl And, of course, MOREEEEE~......!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Characters] --------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Protagonist (YOU) Other than having fairly strong vitality, a totally average young man. Virgin. Looks up to and admires the hero of legend, but is a coward that cannot use swords or magic. Has yet to accomplish anything much in life but one day suddenly is granted the LifeSword and dragged into an epic battle against monster girls! * Nia (Queen of the monster girls.) CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi * 7 Tail / 2 Tail (Mother and daughter fox monster girls) CV: Moe Itou (7) / Yuri Ayase (2) * Hastia (Tentacle bodied monster girl) CV: Ryou Suzuki * The Orte (Monster Girl covered in dark essence) CV:Rio Kisaka * Manticore (Bat wings, scorpion tail, lion legs monster girl) CV: Moe Itou * Goblin (small weak monster girls that hunt in numbers) CV: Ryou Suzuki * Arachne (Spider monster girl) CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi * Lizardman (A scaly reptile monster girl) CV: Moe Itou * Doctor Fish (small monster girls that live in the river) CV: Yuri Ayase / Rio Kisaka / Moe Itou * Grand Odalisque (A monster girl that looks like a painting) CV: Yuri Ayase * Doppelganger (a monster girl that can shapeshift) CV: Ryou Suzuki * Atomis (a monster girl that releases steam) CV: Rio Kisaka * Mosquina (Mosquito monster girl) CV: Yuri Ayase * Gorgon (Monster girl with petrification eye) CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi * Slime (Sticky fluid like monster girl) CV: Rio Kisaka * Alraune (Plant type monster girl) CV: Rio Kisaka * Flesh Golem (A monster girl made of various parts) CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi * Phantom (Ghost type monster girl) CV: Moe Itou * Succubus (Last but not least, a leeewwd demon!) CV: Ryou Suzuki --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Scenario: Frame Artwork: Muchimaru - GEN - Mebura - Aebafuchi - Setonai - Hakika doskoinpo - Usuki - Kobamezon - kupala - ShiganiiWeaver CVs: Mafuyu Hiiragi - Yuri Ayase - Ryou Suzuki - Rio Kisaka - Moe Itou



Developer: Dieselmine MF

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (you know the drill with SakuraGame by now)

Platforms: Windows

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