Fox Girl's Naughty Inn

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About game:

An innocent and a bit air-headed fox girl tries to return the favor to humans in this Real-Time 3D Game.
The whole thing happened a while ago at a hot spring inn in a certain rural village... On a snowy day, an owner of an inn rescued a trapped fox. Months later, the fox's wounds healed and she felt a debt of gratitude to him. Her sincere want reached the god and the fox became a fox girl. The fox girl's olfactory sense enabled herself to visit the man's hot spring inn. There she found, however, that he was about to die at that time. Although he was approaching his last breath, he was only concerned with his hot spring inn that is in financial difficulties. While his consciousness was fading away, he asks the fox girl who appeared in front of him to rebuild his business. Then he died. Knowing nothing about business strategies, she started with searching for useful information in his room. As a result, she founds a know-how book of the hot spring inn management and a porn book themed on hot spring inn. The two books made the fox girl to think in a way that giving H services to customers will work out. Trailer:
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Developer: dieselmine

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English (MTL)

Platforms: Windows

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