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About game:

There is no "happy ending" in this story. More than 10 years before the story of "SHRIFT"... A world where all myths have been recognized as true and false due to the appearance of demons. In order to put an end to the chaotic situation, all the religious sects of the world are integrated into an organization called the "Church"... the young man who belongs to it is the main character of this time. You have to search for the "end" that he thinks is really happy from the many "rescue" that awaits him or is presented by someone . In this story, no matter how much he struggles, there's no way he can have a "happy ending", so please find his "rescue ending".


Rating: Not rated


Status: In progress

Version: Demo Chp.0

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (fan translated Demo)

Platforms: Windows

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SHRIFT [v8.06]

One day, an ordinary boy is suddenly sent to the future world, in which demons inhabit... You control this boy to guide him to the "Escape Point", goi ...

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