Master & Succubi Hentai Lessons - Special Edition

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About game:

Your sexy and cute succubus maids will do everything in their power to help your, their master's, dick become fully qualified to lead this house! You've got a whole host of maids at your beck and call, from the healing type to the bitchy type, and you'll find yourself in all sorts of sexy situations in this harem comedy.
Story You are the son of the head of a large organization. You've been living your life responsibility-free on the vast estate your family owns. One day, you suddenly receive word that your father has passed away. Before you can even let the news sink in, you're confronted with the responsibility of being his successor. Furthermore, when you talk to your mother about the situation, something seems off... "Our family is part of a long line of demons who've used their talents to make a fortune in the sex industry." "Just like your father, incubus blood runs through your veins." "That's why it's up to you to take the reins of this household. If you don't fulfill your duty and become an exceptional incubus, we'll be in a bit of a pickle." To become fully qualified to be the head of this house, you must first become the best incubus you can be. Being a good incubus will mean charming, capturing, and fucking as many women as possible. It all comes down to your dick. You're in a wildly tight spot, but lucky for you, your succu-maids are more than willing to put together a slutty sex education program and get right down to teaching. Will their efforts be enough...?! Characters Charlotte ~ The Big Sister Maid with Massive Milkers ~ "That’s right ♪ Another word for a sexy demon is…A succubus ♪" She's been taking care of you since you were just a little boy, so she feels like your big sister. She's incredibly tolerant and will forgive just about anything you do. Excellently proportioned, she takes great pride in the delicious and nutritious breast milk she produces. Her sex education lessons start with the basics where she'll teach you how to make sweet love. However, her lust is so powerful, she'll repeatedly wring you so dry your dick shrivels up. Her service and desire to spoil you are second-to-none. Special Skills: Luscious Boobjob, Nourishing Nursing Special Feature: Invigorating breast milk Seram ~ The Sperm Sommelier & Fellatio Master Head Maid ~ "Just as our lady said, we'll be taking this lesson slowly. Yes... slowly...♪" The head maid. She's in charge of your fellatio classes. At a glance, her attitude gives off a stern impression but if you can stay the course, she'll praise your efforts. A good mentor. Though she has a slender frame, she's certainly not lacking in the tits and ass department. Her model-like proportions are what would widely be considered ideal. To help you with your growth, she must sample your sperm, and she's incredibly passionate about giving you a good education. A sucker for good semen, she finds out that yours is some of the best and does her best to restrain herself, but when she gets a taste... she'll suck you dry like an alcoholic draining glass after glass. Special Skills: Special Skill Sloppy Vacuum Blowjob Special Feature: Semen encouraging saliva Palmier ~ The Loli-Bodied, Pussy Pressure Megaton-Grade Bitch Maid ~ “If you cum from this, your pathetic little dick’ll get even tinier, huh♪" A maid who loves teasing and playing tricks on you. The sex education classes seemed fun to her, so she decided to throw her hat into the ring. It was supposed to be a normal class, but before you knew it, it became a challenge to see who can make the other cum first. Every time, you end up doing as she wishes. She is very familiar with the powers of her tiny body. She uses her tighter-than-tight pussy and phenomenal physical strength to constantly move her hips and have you at her mercy. Anal is her one weakness, so she’ll do everything she can to not let you near her asshole. Special Skills: Super High-Speed Cowgirl Thrusting Special Feature: Tight, shape-shifting loli hole



Developer: Dark Nyaa!

Status: Completed

Version: v1.1

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


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