Sex Wheel - An Erotic Game

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About game:

The Sex Wheel is a very simple way to make your sexlife an exciting challenge. Just turn the Sex Wheel and wait to see which sex position is coming up next! With Fantastic Animations and Descriptions of the pose. So you can really satisfy your sweetheart!
Sex Wheel - An awesome Quick Sex Game! You want to surprise your sweetheart with an exciting sex experience? Then this is the right choice for you! The Sex Wheel is a very simple way to make your sex an exciting challenge. After you have entered your names, it already starts. Just turn the Sex Wheel and wait to see which sex position is coming up next! When the sex wheel stops, the sexy fairy "Jana" will explain to you how to have the most fun in the chosen position. Also a horny animation will be played, so you can better follow the position. Now you can start and enjoy the position until the timer runs out. Jana will let you know when it's time and you can turn the wheel again. Of course you can also stop the position prematurely. You can always check the statistics, e.g. how many times you have completed a certain position or how many minutes you had sex in total. Use this game to increase your sex stamina and physical fitness while completing the 24 achievements! Here are the erotic facts: 8 horny positions! Description of the positions! Animation of the positions! Here the sex starts immediately! 24 achievements! Statistics of completed poses! Hot sound effects!


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Crito Games

Status: Completed

Version: Demo

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English, German

Platforms: Windows

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