Pirate King

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About game:

Old Uncle Theo died and left you a fortune… …and a creepy old mansion in the middle of nowhere. It’s probably haunted, too. But nothing prepares you for what happens when you go to bed. Whether by dream or magic, you get transported to a fantastical world with amorous princesses who long for your lips, angry kings who want your head (literally) because you tasted said lips, and a beautiful, but deadly, redheaded pirate who captains a pirate ship. You find the choice between walking the plank or pledging yourself to Pirate Captain Jules an easy one to make. So, with sword in hand, you set sail to pillage and plunder at her side, reveling in the excitement of the magical world, the wanton women, and the barroom brawls. However, while you engage in lusty pursuits, a princess waits for you to save her. It's a glorious illusion.
In this lucid dream, you find it easy to take chances, for it's only a dream – or is it? And you can't die in a dream – or can you? And just how did your uncle really meet his end?



Developer: critical_gaming

Status: Abandoned

Version: Ch 2 0.1

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [critical_gaming]


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