Witch Knight Anna

Corruption Mind control Big tits Futa/trans Oral sex Creampie Female protagonist Japanese game Transformation Ahegao 2dcg Vaginal sex Anal sex Censored Female domination

About game:

An evil entity that fulfills the wishes of humans and obtains their souls, the "Djinn". and the evil witches who join them... There were good witches who fought against these evil beings. The people called them "witch knights". The new witch knight, [Anna]... The new witch knight [Anna] took over the body of her master [Rain], her sworn enemy. She was caught in the trap of her nemesis, the mother of demons, Lilith. What awaits Anna, who has been cursed to become a double body, is Anna is cursed to become a double body, and what awaits her is a bewitching female form with a variety of pleasurable abilities. And the strongest and most powerful witches. And then, the Black Queen, one of the strongest and most powerful witches And one of the strongest and most powerful witches, the Black Queen, stands in front of Anna and her friends...! The holy island of Britain, "Avalon", and and the phantom race that exists there, the "Fairy Race". When two timeless, twin-star knights meet. The legendary witch wakes up. This is a story of the light of resurrection and sacrifice caused by the twin star knights and the golden wind. This is the story of the light of revival and sacrifice.



Developer: Circle Sigma

Status: Abandoned

Version: Chapter 3 v1.1

Engine: Others

Languages: English (Partial MTL using DeepL)

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Circle Sigma]

Rating: Not rated

Witch Knight Anna ~ Chapter 1 & 2 [v1.7]

The story of the golden wind, that battles against the snake of despair! Anna is bewitched with a futanari curse, and is violated by the companions th ...

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