My Best Friend's Daughter

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About game:

My Best Friend's Daughter is a Sub-story of "Room for Rent" with same main male character. A few years earlier, our male character travels to the CeLaVie Islands to spend his vacation with his best friend's daughter. You are playing the male character, but also have the option to play the female characters. How will you thread your best friend's daughter? Instructions how to play this game can be found under toolbox in upper left corner. When you see an icon in the upper left corner you'll have the possibility to change character or fly around New version of season 1 can be found here



Developer: CeLaVie Group

Status: In progress

Version: S2 Ep. 4

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

More games from: [CeLaVie Group]


My Best Friend's Daughter -season 1 and season 2 [Unknown]

Season 2 Our MC and the girls from 'Room for Rent' are on the way to CeLaVie islands and will arrive in November. Last time our MC was at Celavie Isla ...


My Best Friend's Daughter - season 2 [Unknown]

Season 2 Our MC and the girls from 'Room for Rent' are on the way to CeLaVie islands and will arrive in November. Last time our MC was at Celavie Isla ...


Room for Rent [v16 beta]

The game is about you- having a new roommate – a young innocent, beautiful and very shy girl. Your job is to force her into situations where you slowl ...

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