Bound by Night

3dcg Male protagonist Oral sex Gay Horror Anal sex Multiple protagonist

About game:

Bound by Night is an adult Visual Novel set in the modern world with supernatural elements. It includes six core characters as well as four patron-sponsored characters, all of whom are romanceable. The story combines elements of the the psychological horror and erotic genres, with explicit sex scenes between men and dominant/submissive relationships that can evolve over the course of the story. Bound by Night has its own mythology around the supernatural elements. It takes place in a world just like ours -- without magic -- but in which vampires and werewolves exist. Over the course of the story, the main character will learn how these creatures came to be and how much more dangerous they could become. What's New in this Build? This build (0.10b) includes Chapter 13, giving Alex some one-on-one time with the elder, Luke Mayhew, and brings Act 1 to a close. It includes one optional explicit scene.
The six core characters plus one patron-sponsored character have already been introduced , three more patron-sponsored characters are in the works. The core characters consist of primary and secondary protagonists (both human), a vampire, a werewolf, and two supporting characters. Alex is in the lead role. He just finished medical school, moved to a new city, and has begun his residency. Overworked and overwhelmed, he's questioning whether this is really what he wants in life when his boss orders him to take a night off and... get off. Nick is the secondary POV character and parts of the story are told from his perspective with RPG choices for dialogue and character interaction. He is a little older than Alex, works as a detective for the city police force but moonlights as a vampire hunter. Whereas Alex is the naïve newcomer unfamiliar with the supernatural, Nick is the jaded veteran.
Work is currently underway for Chapter 14, which will begin the second act. Over the course of the story, Alex will travel to other parts of the world, meet more characters, unravel the secrets of the vampires who rule the world from the shadows, and -- in the end -- make a choice on what to do with the knowledge he has accumulated.



Developer: BoundByNight

Status: In progress

Version: v0.11a

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

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