Zen: A Gay Sequel

Male protagonist Dating sim Gay 2dcg

About game:

Zen: A Gay Sequel (or "ZAGS") is a gay, planner-focused, stat-based, dating sim set in college. It is the sequel to Yearning: A Gay Story ("YAGS" for short), a visual novel about being gay, coming out, and making friends. If you have not played YAGS, it is recommended you do so before playing ZAGS. However, ZAGS is a self-contained story that can be played without any prior knowledge of the characters or universe.
A fairly open storyline -- choose how to spend your time 50,000+ words 3 sexy CGs and 2 bonus images 3 optional (and replayable) minigames A variety of "routes" to follow An original soundtrack featuring "Zen", the ZAGS theme.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Bob C Games

Status: Abandoned

Version: Demo

Censored: Yes

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

More games from: [Bob C Games]

Rating: Not rated

YAGS: Booty Call [Final]

YAGS: Booty Call is a collection of short clicking (and dragging) minigames, based in the world of YAGS (Yearning: A Gay Story, if you really didn't k ...

Rating: Not rated

Yearning: A Gay Story [Final]

Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS for short) is a coming-out-focused character-driven slice-of-life visual novel with dating sim elements where you play as ...

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