Magical Restart

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About game:

Main Plot: Take the role of Chad McBadass (name customizable) who lives a modest life as a single man in his early thirties. A friend shares the name of a game with him, Magical Restart, and as he begins to play, he's told to follow the Blue Fairy. Click continue to accept the call to adventure, and travel with the three fairies, Blue, Purple, and Green to the Isle of Carthun, a magical place. Study scrolls, learn spells, become a wizard, and unravel the mystery of why the fairies needed a hero to help them in their titanic struggle. Music and sound effects are featured throughout the game to enable you to experience a full, magical immersion in the world of Carthun.
As you play, a menu will appear accessible in the left hand standard game menu with Character Sheet, as well as Scene Replay. In the game, Swagger is accumulated, or lost, based on decisions that will alter the course of events in the game. Every woman you meet will also have a love score that will rise, or fall, based on interactions. Characters: Blue, Purple, and Green, the three fairies you meet, then there are the women of the village you meet so far, Elizabeth, the tavern keeper. Vanessa, the librarian. Gabi, the huntress. Mia, the apothecary.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Big Chungus Productions

Status: Abandoned

Version: Alpha v0.01

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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