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About game:

A world full of evil awaits you......... Can you save this world from being plunged into darkness, or is it already too late? Can you save those that you care about, or will they become slaves to corruption? Find out the fate of the young princess Rose, who is seeking her sister that went missing in a land far away.....
In Beasthunter, the first chapter of this endless and dark newly discovered world begins. Beasthunter Is an adult game with extreme content featuring many mature fetishes involving girls' domination. (Bdsm, gangbang, violation, humiliation, tentacles, monsters, sexual training, breeding, milking, blackmailing, etc. Just to name a few)
In this game, there is no death, but a really interesting defeat system is planned. Losing to some monsters.... maybe you end up in a cave, losing to slave can guess where that will lead you. The good news is you can always fight your way back to freedom, or you can try at least. You Play the heroine Rose, trying to survive and find your missing sister in this extremely hostile world. You follow her traces until you end up in a small town. The traces end, but the people seem to know more..... The town is ruled by a strict military government. Follow their rules, pay your rent on time and work as the town Beasthunter, so you can stay in town.... and out of trouble.



Developer: BeasthunterUniverse

Status: In progress

Version: v0.1.2.5fix

Censored: No

Engine: Unreal Engine

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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