Naughty Rabbit

Male protagonist Creampie Furry Combat Japanese game Side-scroller Animated Internal view Platformer Vaginal sex 2d game

About game:

Naughty Rabbit is a 2D side-scrolling platformer action game with the player as a male anthromorphic rabbit and the goal of rescuing the female rabbit captives in each stage. In the current demo, there are three stages with the third stage being a boss stage against a wolf lady. The player can collects the acorns in each stage and use them in the store to buy items such as carrots (restores health) and a mandrake that will restore all hearts if the player loses them all during a stage. After defeating an enemy capable of sex, the player can interact with them by standing next to and pressing button 3 (C key). The sex scenes are animated and involves timing with the goal of either the enemy orgasms first or both partners orgasm together. If the enemy is not satisfied enough, the player will lose a 1/4 part of heart. The game can be played with either a gamepad or keyboard.



Developer: be_kon_box

Status: In progress

Version: v2022-09-01

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English, Japanese

Platforms: Windows

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