Cuckolding Wife, Miina

Big tits Male protagonist Masturbation Oral sex Netorare Handjob Creampie Romance Teasing Titfuck Group sex Japanese game Voiced 2dcg Vaginal sex Censored

About game:

You (Cuck) and Mina are happily married for two years....yada yada...she got bored of it, get cucked....the end.



Developer: Atelier Sakura

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English (Fan Translated)

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Atelier Sakura]

Rating: Not rated

Fallen Wife Honami - Even though I should only love my husband [Final]

--- The main character, Kojiro Minagi, is an ordinary young office worker who has no special qualities. He is proud of his wife, Honami, who ...


Gal Kano!! ~Selfish Body and Uninhibited Girlfriend~ [Final]

The protagonist, Hyuuga Souta, and Hiyori started dating by chance. Their hobbies and likes are completely different from each other but they enjoy ea ...


Gal Wife Anri's Cuckolding Play [Final]

If the opposite of love is indifference, then the opposite of hate is... Haru and Anri are a couple who have been married for three years and are famo ...


Gyaruzuma Sex - Hoka no Otoko ni Inwai Houshi Suru Ai Suru Tsuma [v1.0]

The protagonist, Naohiro, and his wife Risa have been married for 4 years. Their married life is smooth sailing, and the good relationship between the ...


Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Haramu Toki 1 & After Story [2022-08-22]

Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Haramu Toki 1: --- My wife always longed for a child, but I can't give her that. Problem lies in my body - infer ...

Rating: Not rated

Koibito Swapping [Final]

The protagonists, Koutarou and the heroine, Rina, are lovers who started dating when they entered the school. Koutarou is close to his best friend Haj ...


Lendable Wife - Mayumi's Cuckolding Report 2 ~A Sensitive Wife and Her One 'Lie'~ [Final]

Warning: Google translation for overview Mayumi Takasaka, a sensitive wife who got drunk on intense sex with men other than her husband in the previou ...


Lendable Wife - Mayumi's Cuckolding Report ~A Sensitive Wife and Her Adulterous Business Trips~ [Final]

Our hero, Takasaka Yasutomi wants to see his own wife in embrace of another man. At first Mayumi refuses husband’s wish, but eventually she warms up t ...


Marina Cuckolding Report 3 [Final]

This is the third and final installment of the Marina series


Marina's Cuckolding Report 2 [v1]

A year has passed since Kenji lent his beloved wife to another man. Kenji, the protagonist, is gradually feeling stuck in a rut with the same old play ...


My Beloved Childhood Friend Sleeps with Anyone [v1.0]

Aika is Kai's childhood friend who lives next door They have a brother-sister-like relationship because their families are quite close. However, everything changed when a rumor spreads at school.


My Friend Stole My Girlfriend [Final]

The protagonist, Tomoki Motosu, is living with his girlfriend, Saori Kawakita, and is considering proposing marriage. One day, however, he is shocked ...


My Girlfriend's Affairs [Final]

The story follows Hiroshi, a student in a long-distance relationship with his childhood friend and girlfriend Sae. The couple has a strong bond and de ...


NTR Sisters Mia And Yumi [Final]

One night the protagonist, Yasutaka Eda, went to visit his girlfriend's room, Yumi Shibasawa's. What he found there was something that would left a sc ...


Reformation Story I Forgave My Girlfriend for Cheating on Me [Final]

Overview: The protagonist discovers that his cosplayer girlfriend has been cheating on him. The protagonist gets very depressed, but chooses to reb ...


The Student Council President Is My Sexfriend [Final]

The protagonist, Hiyama Tooru, found out about an electoral fraud that was caused by some members of the student council. Using this info, he blackmai ...


Tomodachi ♂♀ Sex: Kareshi ni Naisho de Dousei Seikatsu! [Final]

Furugoori Yukako is a girl who goes to a certain school. She's an honor student and the class president. She has a boyfriend but they are in a long di ...

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