Behind the Truth: The Reckoning

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About game:

The first version of the game, tells the tale about dragon's last descendant and the return of the maou-sama, who were both extinct hundreds of years ago due to an interclan war, in addition to the betrayal by humans. Everything is still unknown to us as well for the protagonist, but what to expect on this journey? How is he still alive for so long? What's the connection between the demon king and the dragon king? Come check this yourself!! If It's your first time playing, Read the spoiler!!!
Guide: You can now acess hint/help at the menu of the game. YOU CAN NOW SAVE/LOAD THE GAME ANY TIME! (Just like in visual novels) To do it you just need to press > "PAGE UP", it's near your > "DELETE" button! If you're Stucked at HALL 6 > Look at this WLKTHRGH < Any doubts/helps, let me know so I can take your question/request. As requested, rape is now optional. There are only 1 transformation from man to woman into the game! And it was choosen by poll, so the game focus isn't change of gender and won't be! Transformation most of time works like "pokemon evolution", so take it easy and have fun! NOTE: This game isn't a FATE GO-STORY based nor anything, it just have some chars from FATE!



Developer: AstRider

Status: Completed

Version: v1.0 Final

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


More games from: [AstRider]

Rating: Not rated

After Stories [v0.1 Remake]

Part 2 of Behind the Truth: The Reckoning (Keep in mind that the story begins months after the end of the game 1!)

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