Tale of Legends IV ~if~

Rpg 3dcg Male protagonist Fantasy Oral sex Superpowers

About game:

1000 years has passed since the Holy Crusade. This is a story woven by the ancestors of Heroic lineage. Protagonist "Shin" is a young lad aiming to become a Doll Master. In order to pass his graduation examination, he must up his skills. Chloe takes him with her to investigate some ruins and gain some real experience but... Resett is jealous of their relationship... In the end, can Shin actually graduate successfully? And what secrets lye within these ancient ruins?


Rating: Not rated

Developer: As-key

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English/日本語

Platforms: PC

More games from: [As-key]

Rating: Not rated

The Fun of Asmodius [v3.00e]

A few months after the uproar involving the Holy Sword, Lizet is called by his teacher, Chloe, and heads to investigate the archeological site of a ci ...

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