HoloLewd Manager

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About game:

The main character, Riku, died unknowingly from Ereshkigal's mistake (Fate Series). She felt bad for his pitiful life and moved his soul to a "random" place... with some "random" power... in a "random" timeline he has no collection of. He soon finds out that he gets sent to a different timeline where Hololive girls are real! And they even stream to other planets!!! He meets Sana, Fauna, and Kobo, broken from the No Game No Life infamous sky fall. They decided to give Riku a job at COVER Corp. to be a manager. The reason why they offered him a job? Find out by playing the game itself! Now join Riku in becoming the best V-Tuber manager in the whole galaxy. Warning! That may or may not include being lewd with various Hololive, VShoujo, Indie girls, and more! Now go!! Be the "best" manager ever! (Note, the name is changeable later in the story)
HoloLewd Manager is a fan-made game evolving around being lewd with V-Tubers. ALL rights reserved to their respective owners. This is not an official Hololive game, nor am I presenting it in a way. This is a fan-parody game/pay-what-you-want game. This is by no means this linked, a part, or affiliated with COVER Corp. in ANY way. I do not own anything by these corporations (COVER Corp, VShoujo, the music, etc...)"



Developer: AkkaSenpai

Status: In progress

Version: v3.1

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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