Dungeon Ravager

Lesbian Monster Bdsm Female protagonist Animated 2d game

About game:

While Liriteh (The main player character) travels across the galaxy, she received a distress signal from an Imperial world. It turns out that the automatons on the planet has gone rogue, and have done nasty things to the female population of the planet for some unknown reason. Lirieth teleports down to the planet to see what's really going on and amidst the chaos, there is an opportunity to have fun in an equally nasty way where she and her race of dark eldars are known for throughout the galaxy. Watch the Youtube video clip here.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Adeptus Celeng

Status: Abandoned

Version: Free Demo Build

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux

More games from: [Adeptus Celeng]


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