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An open world sandbox game with no pre-planned plot. All NPCs and events in the game are generated depending on the actions, preferences, and desires of the main character. Emphasis is placed on gaining complete freedom to interact with the environment. There are no pre-planned endings in the game, but there are always choices and their consequences. To try something you can't afford in the real world or just have fun, it's up to you. The project continues to evolve given the wishes and ideas of the players. Thread Updated: 2022-05-11 Release Date: 2022-09-03 Developer: about_it Patreon - Buymeacoffee Censored: No Version: 0.94.2 Public OS: Windows Language: English (MTL), Russian Genre:
Real porn, Female protagonist, Animated, Simulator, Dating sim, Sandbox, Anal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Prostitution, BDSM, Male domination, Rape, Text based Installation:
1. Download the archive and unzip using the program WinRAR 2. Run file Start_Game.bat 3. Play Changelog:
v0.93.7 Public - Made a rebalancing of MC's tips when she was working as a waitress downward. Because with high experience the tips were unreasonably high and beyond common sense. - Reduced the likelihood of MC getting STDs by removing re-initiation and tying their initialization to specific events. - Fixed bug with infinite use of bath or shower after sex when MC is visiting NPC. - When using toys with female NPCs, after getting an orgasm, made a return back to the location of sex with the use of toys. Previously, the transition was in the general starting location, which broke the dynamics of the event. - Female NPCs, now, during sex, unquestioningly comply with the MC's request to stop if the MC can no longer experience an orgasm. Previously, they did this on their own, which could lead to a looping event. - Completely redid the variants of events during sex with a group of male NPCs during double penetration, fixing the location loops and detected bugs. - Replaced simulations and simulated events from the game mechanics of sex with male NPCs, which were calculated using randomness. Events are now calculated based on the parameters of the specific NPCs the MC interacts with. - Added new actions for the MC, allowing her to affect the ending in sex by male NPCs, at certain sexual experiences. Also, at your request, added the ability for the MC to make an NPC cum inside her to be able to get pregnant. All new actions of possible endings only appear during sex if the MC has a certain sexual experience. You can get information about it in the character's stats. - We have added events during passenger accommodation and flight to the game mechanics of the flight attendant's work. The outcome of the events affects the reputation of the MC in the airline. Recall that the work of the MC as a stewardess is still available as a test. - Various minor improvements and edits. Replace the game files. v0.93.5 Public N/A v0.92.7 Public
- Continued to work on finding and fixing bugs - Continued to work on improving the translation of locations. - Made a display of the remaining days of rent in the corridor of the apartment. - Made it possible to extend the lease without waiting for the owners of the apartment by transferring money to them from the bank card MC. - When the MC moves out of the rented apartment, she will no longer get naked on the street. - Made the experience in the office depend on the number of days the MC has worked continuously in one place. - Added the ability to use the last save of the game or auto-save on the screen of death of the character, in case of death of MC. - Reworked the start and end of sex with female and male roommates, as well as with roommates in the dorm. - Fixed the bug with the massage therapist diploma. - Made automatic putting on and taking off outerwear in the dorm. - Fixed the bug with the course work, when it could be done endlessly. - MC no longer appears as a homeless person in the location areas of the city, if she resides in the dorm. - The party in the dorm is now available after 12 o'clock at night. - MC weight is no longer tied to calories. Calories now only affect MC weight gain or weight loss. - Made mechanics that are more similar to the human stomach and proportional to the hunger scale. - For the new mechanics made accurate weight calculation with the display of its balance in grams. - Now the satiety scale also serves as a function of displaying the constant change in MC weight in real time and serves as a good guide for adjusting it in the desired direction. - Reworked the MC's communication with the boss in the office when he calls her for an unpleasant conversation. - Reduced the unnecessarily large number of female NPC clients on the avenue when the MC is working as a street prostitute. - Made a mechanic that takes into account what part of the active time of day the MC is hungry, which additionally affects her weight. - Now with a high seamstress skill (>=7) MC gets a dorm room with no problem. - Added "Change your mind" action when choosing a makeup option in front of the mirror. - Made the NPC menu icon on a date lock if the attitude level falls below the allowable limit. - Made in-game mechanics that add stains or dirt (depending on condition) to clothes that are stained with semen, or remove stains and partial dirt when the MC cleans his clothes of semen. - Made it automatic to take vitamins, fat burners, and thrush pills. - Discouraged annoying neighbors in the high-rise where the MC lives by limiting their visits to certain time intervals. - Re-did the game mechanics of casting in the office of the film studio ART, located in the western district of the city. - Added an opportunity for the MC to sign a contract with a modeling agency, which is also placed in the building of the film studio. - Made it possible to earn extra money for the MC as an extra. She can now, when visiting the office of the film studio, not only participate in the casting for the role of an actress, but also to take part in the shooting of the crowd scenes for the movie or be an extra for the TV show. - Made calls from the film studio with an offer to participate in the extras, if the MC is active in this direction. - Made the location of the modeling agency located in the office building of the film studio. - Made it possible for the MC to find out if there is a job for her when she hurries to the agency. - Made it possible for the MC to draw attention to herself while waiting for a good moment in the lobby of the agency. - Made a call from a modeling agency to let them know the MC was selected to be in one of the movie's scenes. - Added a producer to the game, who will handle the development of MC's career as an actress. - Made new in-game mechanics for the meeting with the producer, where the approval of the MC for a role in the film takes place. - Made it possible to change the producer's name at will. - Made the effect of sleepiness on the mood and mental state of the MC. - Made mechanics that calculate the intervals between the MC's sleep periods and reworked the game's sleep mechanics. - Made a call from the producer, where he offers to take part in the filming of various plots for the MC. - Make in-game mechanics of the MC's participation in the filming of movie scenes and the accrual of royalties. - Made it possible for the MC to go to bed scenes or scenes where you have to shoot undressed, as a stand-in for the main actress. With enough relevant experience, the MC will also be hired to understudy lead actresses in racy moments. - Edited and expanded renditions of work and sex in the office. - Reworked game mechanics for car repairs and maintenance. - Made a reaction for female and male NPCs to obvious signs of STDs in the MC when starting sex with her. - Made a reaction for male NPCs during sex to an MC's period, changing their preferences. In most cases, they will avoid vaginal sex. - Made an additional effect on the MC's attractiveness to external signs of STDs. - Made it possible to turn off STDs in the game. At the start of the game (by default) they are always on. - Made displaying progress in the film studio as a reputation, which also displays the popularity of MC, expressed as a numeric value. - Casting actresses now ceases to be a constant rejection for the MC. Acquired acquaintances and experience, begin to bring their results, with a certain popularity of the MC no longer need to stand in line to get to the casting. v0.92.5 Public
- Continued to work on finding and fixing bugs - Continued to work on improving the translation of locations. - Fixed a bug with the rent payment. - Fixed bug with infinite syringe when MC uses drugs. - Fixed a bug with finding a job directly in the office building when the MC walks in there from the street. - When editing the sexual experience at the start of the game, it is no longer limited to the number of partners, as in reality, even with one partner, any type of sexual interaction can happen many times. - Fixed a bug where the MC had to use lubricant during sex twice in a row. - MC will no longer be limited by the number in relationships with NPCs. Now, instead of 3 NPCs, she will be able to have relationships with 15 male NPCs at once. - To avoid confusion, we made it possible to change the display of NPC in statistics and phone book at will. In addition, in the statistics, you can change the name of the NPC of your choice. - In the communication shop, you can now buy a poverbank, which will allow the MC not to watch the charging cell phone. - Removed restrictions for MC to use tampons during periods. - Fixed the cell phone location code and improved translation. - Redid the communication with the photo studio over the phone if the MC is working as a photo model. - Made it possible for pimp to call MC and see why she's not coming to work if MC is working as a street hooker. Also added the ability for the MC to warn the pimp that she's not coming to work that day. - Made completely new game mechanics of initializing calls from male boyfriends. - Fixed the location of the photo studio near the Station. - Fixed a bug when cooking in the apartment. - Reduced the annoyance of housemates who visited the MC several times a day. - Reworked the start of dates with NPCs. - Fixed bugs that were revealed after expanding male NPC boyfriends from 3 to 15 individuals. - Fixed the cell phone location and improved its translation. - Added 15 MC girlfriends to the game instead of the current 3. - Added warning when MC leaves apartment without clothes. - Added equipment and a more experienced specialist to the town clinic to detect and treat venereal diseases. - In the statistics of the character you can find out detailed information about each friend. Change her name to something you like. Leave your notes, which will help you to develop a relationship with her. And also in the statistics and phone, you can rename the display of the girlfriend to your liking. - Made a gradual reduction in the relationship with friends if the MC does not communicate with them. - Made it more likely for MC to call friends. - Increased photo studio hours to 20.00. - Reworked the game mechanics of the strip club. - Made a generalized location for NPCs who are on a date with the MC, where both male and female NPCs are displayed. - Now you can change the name of the NPCs the MC has just met by choosing the one you like best. - Fixed MC's neighborhood reputation if she has no permanent status and is rarely in the area. - Fixed a bug with calls that kept repeating several times a day when the MC missed photo shoots while modeling at the Photo Studio. - Fixed the bug with the clothes the MC was given to the police if she got there naked. These clothes are now removed when you open a closet or bag of clothes that belong to the MC. - Fixed a bug with boutiques that occurred when the MC got there dirty or with stains on her clothes. - Reworked the in-game dating mechanics, taking into account that a date can now be attended by both male and female NPCs and their number has increased significantly. - Fixed bug with endless reading books and magazines. - Fixed bug with endless tampon use when MC is on her period. - Fixed the bug with the constant harassment of the gypsies on the streets and removed them from the central areas of the city. - Changed the mechanics of the street prostitutes in the game. - Changed the in-game mechanics of prostitution at a truck stop. - Fixed a bug with buying and displaying outfits with jeans. - Fixed the location of the beach. Now MC, at night, can not sunbathe and use the water rides. - In the West area of the city added public ground transport, which was missed when upgrading the location. - Call the photo studio and find out about the work, you can now from 9 to 19 hours. - Fixed the bug with the MC dehydration, the value of which could go into minus. - Fixed bug with MC intoxication which was too slowing down the effect of alcohol. - Fixed passersby's reaction to the MC's appearance. - Made new mechanics of counting and restoring potency for female and male NPCs who interact with MCs. - Made a new mechanic to count the change in relationship level for male and female NPCs who interact with the MC on a date. - Made it possible for the MC to contact any of the NPCs who are present on the date and have a dialog with them that affects the relationship between the MC and a particular male or female NPC. This is still working in test mode. - Added the ability to use perfume and jewelry to the mirror menu. - MC can no longer leave her apartment, move out, or go to bed if she has an NPC visiting. - Vocal lessons in the culture house now last 1 hour, as stated in the description. - Fixed bug when MC tries to get a part-time job handing out flyers on the street. - Now when the MC interacts with invited NPCs at her house, she will no longer miss guests coming over. - Made new game mechanics that allow the NPCs present on the date to interact with the MC at will. - Made it possible for the MC to ignore the NPCs present on the date and communicate at will only with certain of them. - Corrected the visualization of the main locations intended for dating NPCs, bringing them into line with the new dating game mechanics. - To avoid duplicating NPCs, made a new mechanic for activating NPCs on dates. - Made interactions with NPCs on the beach according to time slots. - Fixed the action when female NPCs noticed the MC was on her period during the transition to sex. - Reworked the code for NPC dating locations, according to the new dating game mechanics. - Increased the relationship drop points with the boss when the MC works in the office and refuses to comply with his requests for business meetings. - Increased the likelihood for an MC to be mugged or raped at night in disadvantaged areas of the city and forest area. Reworked the game mechanics of these events. - Fixed the cost of the apartment in the Western area of the city, the cost of which was overstated by one 0. - Fixed the display of the amount of money when the MC renews her lease and she is short on cash and has to add money from the stash in the closet and bank card. - Fixed a bug in the cab, when, after the offer to pay in kind from one of the drivers, all the other drivers, on subsequent trips, also wished to do so. - In the navigation, to quickly move around the apartment MC, added a bathroom (taking into account that it can be occupied by other NPCs) - Made invitations to the dance MC male NPCs who are in the company when the date with them is in a restaurant, cafe or nightclub. It is also possible to get an invitation to the dance from an NPC when he is the only one. - Dimensional items such as an LCD TV, washing machine or dishwasher can only be purchased by an MC when he has his own apartment. v0.92.4 Public
- Continued to work on finding and fixing bugs - Continued to work on improving the translation of locations. - Made it possible to give your name to the saved version of the costume for the MC. - Added the ability to influence some aspects of the game and MC parameters with the new cheat menu. - Fixed the zeroing of the laundry basket counter in the laundry dorms and the city. Reworked the display of these locations. - Removed stains from clothes if MC used the laundry room. Limited their stay on clothes by time interval. - Optimized code for locations which were responsible for MC's work in office. - Reworked the system of penalties and rewards in the office. - Made MC's career advancement when she works as a specialist in an office. Now, under certain conditions, she can get a more prestigious position and a higher salary. - Made a third direction of work in the office, when the MC works as an assistant (this does not require special education). - The action of going to work in the office, in the location window of the area of the city, is now displayed until 12 pm. Also in the office you can get to the office during working hours, through the display of offices in the list of locations of the city area menu. - Made the effect of the MC's strong arousal on performance when she works in the office as a specialist. - Reworked the communication with the NPCs in the office. Now you no longer need to scroll up to the top of the picture to know their reaction to your actions. - Provided different options for business meetings when the MC is working as an assistant manager in the office. As always, we made it possible for the MC to make any decision that would affect her career in the office. - Optimized the code, fixed bugs, and removed pop-up messages in the in-game mechanics of hitchhiking on the roads. - Fixed a bug with nulling MC's offer of sex for money during love foreplay, which led to a worsening relationship with boyfriends on subsequent dates. - Made an expanded menu of settings for education, experience and skills MC at the start of the game. Added some skills that were previously not displayed in the game. - Fixed a bug with putting on and displaying clothes from the sex shop. Also fixed a bug with remembering clothes from the sex shop in the memory of player-created outfit options and dressing them from memory. - We have allowed NPCs not to hold back their affection to MC and give her expensive gifts and jewelry. We also made it possible to give gifts and jewelry as a sign of love and for female NPCs. Recall that gifts and jewelry can always be turned into money by using the pawnshop. - Made the MC's reputation display in the office. - Fixed a bug where the game mechanics took into account the low potency of male NPCs and interrupted a date that had just begun, assuming that the NPC and MC had already had intercourse. - Reworked the game mechanics of restoring potency for male and female NPCs. - Reworked the in-game mechanics of the MC changing clothes at the fitness center. In the old version, if the MC, after class, forgot to take off her gym clothes and put on the clothes she came in, then those clothes could disappear. - Fixed a bug with the use of lubricant during MC masturbation. - Added a tracker for the number of working days in the office to the MC's reputation. - Added an umbrella cheat, when activated, the MC will always have an umbrella and it will no longer break. When starting a new game, this option is disabled. - When hiring an office MC is no longer interested in whether she has a place to live in the city. - The MC can now apply for any position to work in the office. - MC can now work in the office if she is in her 2nd or 3rd year at University. She can take up to 5 weekday days off per month to deal with her education at the University. - The starting salary in the office now depends on experience if she works as a specialist or secretary. If MC is a student, the salary will be minimum for that position regardless of experience. If starting out as an assistant, the salary is set based on appearance. - In the office, it became possible to take time off work, which is not paid. - With little experience and a bad reputation MC may not be hired in an office in the same area of town where she got a bad reputation. - Made the basis for the corporate party in the office. - Made in-game mechanics of interacting with NPCs at the party. - Make drunkenness of NPCs at the party. - Made it possible to have sex with NPCs at the party. - Made mechanics of various offers from NPCs at the party. - Made new mechanics for MC's vaginal lubrication and lubricant usage - Redesigned roommate requirements for MC's appearance, reducing his appetite. - If the MC is late for work at the office and, when she arrives, the boss is absent, he will no longer scold her for being late. - Found one probable reason why MC had a hard time gaining weight. The game mechanics were writing off a large amount of weight on the day for natural needs. We reduced the amount of write-offs, if you notice any weirdness with the weight change, please report it. - Reworked the mechanics of spoilage of food and ready to eat food. Added mechanics to determine if your food is fresh. - Improved the gameplay mechanics of interacting with NPCs at a corporate party v0.92.2 Here v0.92.1 Public
- Continued to work on finding and fixing bugs - Made the dorms display in the stats. No longer displays the MC as homeless. - Made in-game mechanics for meeting NPCs in the hallway and in the dorm kitchen. - Made life cycle mechanics for new NPC acquaintances in the dorm. They won't always be available, and they won't always be happy to see the MC. - Made a mechanic to track relationship changes and sexual attraction for these NPCs. - Made and added laundry rooms to the dorms - Reworked the mechanics in the laundry room of the East District. - Fixed the display of the rooms where the familiar MC lives in the dormitory. - Fixed a bug where, during vacations, University dorm roommates didn't go home. - Fixed a bug with acquaintances in the University dormitory during the vacations. - Added the ability for the MC to shave in the dorm showers - Cooking in the dorm is now only possible when the dorm is occupied - Made dorm party. Attracted attention to the development of events at the party. - Made it possible for the MC to meet at a party - Made it possible to have non-binding sex at the party - Made stopping outrage at the party by the dorm attendant and calling the police. - Available drug offers from NPCs for parties held in University dorms - Made a drug dealer's room in the University dorm (if the MC is interested in this area) - Made invitations to parties from NPCs - Be careful!!! Now when secluding with an NPC for sex in the dormitory, other NPCs may join in. With this turn of events, an innocent infatuation can escalate into group sex. - Added the ability to buy a term paper in a university dorm. - Made it possible for the MC to sell his coursework if it is 100% ready in the University dormitory and the University. - Fixed a bug with adding NPCs to a group on a date with a roommate - Added the display of client information when the MC works as a street prostitute - Made the addition of clients to the company that, when the MC works as a street prostitute on the avenue, she and her partner go to serve. - Made adding an NPC on a date to the group when a single NPC brings the MC to the location where his acquaintance's company is. - Made a time limit on dates at the apartment so they don't last forever. - Made the effect of the reputation of the MC on the relationship with the NPC, after sex. - Enabled the ability to sell bought apartments in other areas of the city (this was implemented only in the Railway Station). - Fixed the "Move out of apartment" action and moved it to the corridor. - Made it possible for the MC, who bought or rented an apartment, to get acquainted and have relationships with the neighbors in the house. Available for permanent interaction of up to 3 male and up to 3 female neighbors, which at his discretion will choose the MC. - Made the mechanics of the neighbors' life cycle. For various reasons, they will not always be available for interaction. - Made dating neighbors and the ability for the MC to influence the relationship with them. - Now the MC can now meet neighbors in the entryway with whom she has developed a relationship. - Watch out!!! Now, when you ring your neighbor's doorbell and he invites you in, he may have a different number of buddies who don't mind taking advantage of the opportunity when a girl is alone in an apartment with several men. - Made a mechanic that allows neighbors to come and visit the MC. - Reworked the display of the corridor in the MC's apartment, trying to get rid of the shoddy translation. - Made an extra action for treating roommates that affects the improvement of relationships, expressing it through the equivalent of money. - Fixed the zeroing of money in the cafe, when the MC refuses to pay the bill, when the amount of money the MC has, many times greater than her debt. - Fixed the display of information about preparatory courses at the University. - Fixed a bug where landlords kept coming to the apartment that the MC bought and asking for rent money. - Reworked the mechanics of paying the rent on an apartment. - Reworked the mechanics of NPCs coming to visit the main character's apartment. - Calling the police at home, the MC can now get rid of guests or spoil relations with neighbors. Also added a penalty for making a false call. - The pharmacy now offers disposable wipes, sanitary pads, face cream and sunscreen - Added a private clinic option to test for STDs. - Added the ability to get cured of gonorrhea at a private clinic. - Can now get full info on a roommate in a dorm if she is in the room. - Fixed the display of the amount of time the MC has spent in line when she is trying to get into the Nightclub. - Fixed a bug where the MC would get from her apartment to the Sewing Factory where she works, naked. - If the MC works at the Sewing Factory, she is now fed. - The MC can now undress in bed without getting out of bed or using the closet. - Reworked the start of a date with a boyfriend or girlfriend, fixing bugs found. - Made a new formula for calculating the cost of a gift a boyfriend can give when they meet, tying it to the NPC's financial status and relationship level. - Fixed a bug that when meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend on the street, moved them along with the MC to the apartment hallway. - Added ability to change language in game settings. - Fixed a bug when the MC works as a street prostitute and agrees to serve several clients at once, she was paid only for one. - Reworked the display of the living room in the apartment. - All icons are interactive and some change depending on the interior of the room or the state of the MC. - Reworked the use of the music center - Removed pop-up messages when watching TV - Reworked the sporting activities in the apartment - Reworked drinking alcohol in the room - Reduced the number of acts in the living room, to improve translation and enhance playability - Reworked the hotel room display. - Laptop can now be turned off in hotel room. - Reworked room rental mechanics and lease renewal. - Fixed the bug with the room price when renewing your lease. - Reworked the mapping of the kitchen in the MC's apartment and the game mechanics associated with it. - Reworked the display of the bathroom in the MC's apartment and the game mechanics associated with it. - Added an option to choose when to start the game - Reworked the mapping of the bedroom in the MC's apartment and the game mechanics associated with it. - Redid the display of the bed (couch if the apartment is a one-room apartment) in the apartment of the MC and the game mechanics associated with it. - Reworked the masturbation of the MC in the bed, fixing bugs and removing pop-ups. - Fixed the bug with the university dorm, when, after getting a room in the dorm, at midnight the MC was back on the street. - Reworked the display areas of the city. - If the MC arrives to the elite village outside of the city in her car, the guards will no longer take her to the highway, but will escort her to her car. - Fixed a bug where NPCs would start calling the MC during a date or on the same day they received her phone number. - Reworked the exchange of phone numbers on a date with single NPCs - When communicating with NPCs on online dating sites, they are now displayed in a separate window. - The office now has a boss, which can be either a man or a woman. You can get acquainted with him at the job interview. - Made a game mechanics, which generates a team of the office, giving each NPC unique characteristics and parameters. The number of NPCs available for interaction in the office varies up to 11 people (including the boss). The team can be mixed and include both men and women, or consist of NPCs of the same gender. The team can be small, with only a few NPCs. - Made it possible to choose a chest size at the start. - Added choice of eye color. - Added choice of eye size. - Added choice of eyelashes size. - Added lip shape selection. V0.91.8 n/a Briefly changes, corrections and work done for the period from 13/09/2020: - We continued the work on searching and correcting errors - Added to the game Construction store - Made the mechanics fo apartment repair - Converted the mechanics of the apartment sale - Continued work on MC laptop and gaming Internet - Changed working hours of some establishments - Better translation of names of some establishments - Changed display of available places in the locations of the city districts. - Added a full list of places in the city in your cell phone and laptop. You can find it through your browser, a bookmark called "City Site". Also added it to the cheat menu for quick access. - Fixed the display of clothing in the closet and bag MC. - Added the use of branded cosmetics in Auto Make-up. - Remade the action "Tidy yourself up" after sex. - Reduced the amount of rain and bad weather in summer. - Made accelerated movement between the main locations in the apartment MC - Added the opportunity for the MC to invite a girlfriend to their home, if the date takes place in a cafe, movie, restaurant or nightclub. - Completely redesigned the mechanics of invitation to visit, during the date, for women NPC. - A closet with clothes has been redesigned. Made and added to the closet mechanics of saving options for clothes. - Rewritten the location of the pimp when MC works as a street prostitute, slightly changing the display of information and adding the missing action in the English version. - We completely redesigned the mechanics of calculating the attractiveness of MC. - We have replaced the display of the body in the "Character" menu with our own content. Making it more detailed and taking into account the interval of change in 5 kg. We also changed the presentation of visualization, abandoning the pop-up window. - Added the effect of tanning on the condition of the skin of MC. - Changed the impact of mud on the condition of the skin of MC. - Redesigned the mechanics of growth and the impact on the attractiveness of the hair of the body of MC. - Added the ability to make MC thicker. Now she does not need to eat 10 pizzas a day. It is enough to make the number of meals per day more than 4 and MC will start to gain weight forcibly. But you can't fool physiology, and you will have to spend more than one day to feel the result. In other cases, the mechanics of weight compensation, made according to human physiology, will control. - We have completely rewritten all the mechanics of the University. We added a separate library and the opportunity to buy a term paper for admission to the exams for the semester. - Reduced the annoyance of NPC by changing the probability of their calls to the phone of MC. - Made it more effective to break off the relationship with NPC on the phone. - The umbrella no longer breaks inside. - Added another rain effect, now you can get wet and catch cold in certain cases. - Added an ambulance call and hospitalization to the cell phone in case of vaginal bleeding and contractions during pregnancy. We added an ambulance call and hospitalization in the home phone (located in the hallway of the apartment). Hospitalization was added in case of MC inside the hospital, city polyclinic and private clinic. We made it possible to give the child to an orphanage. - Milk decanting effect was removed from breasts before delivery. - Made in the city a Pet Shops. Cat from the stairwell again in the game. - Redesigned the location of the cat. Made its translation. - We have corrected the location of the markets. We rewritten the action "Walk the market," adding a little humor and fun to the game. Also MC can get bonuses or lose a wallet. - Reworked the frequently visited Pharmacy location by removing a long list of actions. - Converted the mechanics of the taxi, in which we did not like the same price for all trips. Now there are rush hours, night tariff and trips out of town. - Elite village "Rublevka", where we still have to find a house of forbidden pleasures, again in the game. - Remodeled hitchhiking in the city. Made it again, as the old mechanics did not fit anywhere. NPC can give a ride to MC for free. It is possible to bargain to reduce the cost. We also left the offer of a trip for sex, but it affects the reputation of MC. Also NPC can now ask for a phone from a MC to further develop the relationship. - The game menu has been completely redesigned to increase the space for descriptions, replacing it with icons. - Cockroaches and rats again in the game. Prescribed the conditions for the appearance of cockroaches in the kitchen. Now you can again show these creatures who is the owner of the house. Who plays for the MC bum, can also come into conflict for the light trouble with rats in the garbage cans. - Prescribed and included in the game Terminal, located in the northern part of the city. - Made the mechanics and included in the game the possibility of earning a MC when providing intimate services to truckers at the parking lot of the Terminal. - We reconstructed the location of the Driving School. We added practical exercises and got rid of all pop-up windows. - Completely redesigned the location of the car. Fixed translation and errors. Changed game mechanics and added visualization. - Made the basis for the Airport. Added various locations and visualization to the airport. - We have redesigned the currency exchange and the mechanics of dollar rate change. - Added to the game Sewing Machine and the opportunity for MC to repair and sew to your size clothes. DOWNLOAD Win: ANONFILE - MEGA - GOFILE - MIXDROP - PIXELDRAIN Other: COMPRESSED *This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.



Developer: about_it

Status: In progress

Version: v0.94.2 Public

Censored: No

Engine: QSP

Languages: English (MTL), Russian

Platforms: Windows

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Spiral Clicker: Cover image

Spiral Clicker [v0.41 Public] by Changer

The Button: Cover image

The Button [v0.0.4] by Burst Out Games

Nude Byte: Cover image

Nude Byte [v4.0] by Manyakis Games

Breath of Fire and Iron: Cover image

Breath of Fire and Iron [v1.01] by ScaleGarden

Total NC: Cameo Collector: Cover image

Total NC: Cameo Collector [v26.1] by sadi

Succubus Academia: Cover image

Succubus Academia [Final] by SQDT

Three kingdoms story: Conussia: Cover image

Three kingdoms story: Conussia [v2.0 Bugfix] by Kamti

Chubby Holidays: Cover image

Chubby Holidays [v0.5] by Chaixas-Games

DiBS: Tentacles in Spaaace: Cover image

DiBS: Tentacles in Spaaace [v0.3.8] by MoxieTouch

Last Hope: Cover image

Last Hope [v19.2] by Poolside Games

Last Standing: Cover image

Last Standing [Final] by DIIV SOFT Co., LTD.

Not rated

The Island: Cover image

The Island [v0.3.1] by MichaelFenix

Incubus 2: Camlann: Cover image

Incubus 2: Camlann [Final] by Tanpakusitsu

Aphrodisia: Cover image

Aphrodisia [Ch.2 v0.2.0] by Dr.Wolfman

Blue Moon River's End: Cover image

Blue Moon River's End [v0.12.4] by River's End

Leisure Yacht: The Epilogue: Cover image

Leisure Yacht: The Epilogue [v1.0.3] by Drunk Robot

Reboot Love 1 More Time: Cover image

Reboot Love 1 More Time [v0.9.98] by Reboot Love

Acolytes of the Chrystal: Cover image

Acolytes of the Chrystal [v0.2.6] by Mystery Zone Games

Not rated