3000 Universe

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About game:

3000 Universe - this is a story about a wonderful world, but there was someone who wanted to take over the whole world and establish their own, new, selfish, world orders. Will the heroes rise? Will the kingdoms unite? Will the chosen hero come? But it doesn't really matter. Because you are... and there is the same invader. 1. This is my own universe. I try to develop characters, lore and story. The main idea in the study of another world with your own attitude to sex. In this world, girls will love to be yours ... if they can like you. 2. Roleplay. I plan to add multiple playthroughs for each mission. Skill and relationship tests that affect the course of events, as well as turn-based time simulations. But whether I can succeed or not is another question. 3. Tactics - Chess - Random does not exist. Victory depends only on your actions and planning. Only the initial position of enemies on the battlefield is random. 4. Grind? Of course, you need to level up to deal with stronger enemies. But the enemies are limited and will not allow you to gain experience indefinitely. 5. Sexual content. Sex scenes can be short or long. Have a choice or require a skill to discover. The books will reveal the details of the character of the characters and the lore of the universe - text + art. There is one more thing, but I am still thinking about it.



Developer: 3000 Universe

Status: In progress

Version: Ep 0 - Iota 3

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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