Rpg Adventure Male protagonist Trainer Female protagonist Monster girl Parody Animated 2dcg 2d game

About game:

You turned 18 years old, is the right time to go out and explore the region of Fuckto, there live the Oppaimon and trainers, there are many Oppaimon to discover, train and seduce, are you able to capture and fuck with all of them? So, GOTTA FUCK'EM ALL!
The main idea is to recreate a faithful Pokemon game, like the first generation, we hope to finish the 151 Oppaimon, 8 gyms and the Oppaimon league, H-scenes with all the Oppaimon and special scenes with the leader of each gym, in the future with your support we can bring more regions to the game!



Developer: Witch Nighto Studio!

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.6.3

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac

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