The Northwood Lair

The Northwood Lair

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Game overview:

As a homecoming gift from your loyal henchmen, you are given a beautiful captive to do with however you please. She must do as you wish and satisfy you and the others with her body, obeying your every command for 30 days. You must train her well to suit the high-quality needs of you and your men to earn her freedom. Of course, with your expert training regime, Miku may also greatly enjoy her stay while in the company of her captors! With your training, she can become less and less a timid captive and can turn into a seducing pet with a wild, unquenchable lust. Will she earn her freedom, or will she choose to stay and play even more in the depths of your secret lair?

More details:


Developer: Stratovarius   Patreon

Production status: Development in progress

Version: v1.15b

Censored: No

Game engine: Unity

Languages: English

More games from: [Stratovarius]


H Mate! [Beta 14 Christmas SE2]

Congratulations! You were just married! Your new married life is just getting under way after settling into your new home with your lovely wife, Miku! ...


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