Taboo Stories

Incest Bestiality 3dcg Male protagonist Oral sex Creampie Furry Rape Animated Virgin Ahegao Kinetic novel Vaginal sex Mobile game

About game:

Taboo Stories is a visual novel that contains short and independent mini-stories with fringe fetishes such as: furry, incest, bestiality, etc.



Developer: SLim Games

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.4

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

More games from: [SLim Games]


The Awakening [v0.4.2 Beta Part 2]

After two years you finally wake up from a coma which was caused by a car accident. You are suffering from amnesia and you have not the slightest idea ...

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