Deus Ex Machina ~Satan from Foreign World~

Deus Ex Machina ~Satan from Foreign World~

2d game 2dcg Big tits Censored Female protagonist Graphic violence Japanese game Masturbation Rape Sci-fi

Game overview:

In 22nd Century, due to remarkable growth of technology, robots were naturally blending into human society. Looking around the city, robots with identical looks to humans are walking in the street naturally. It is difficult to distinguish them even after having communications with them. AI seemed to have such high intelligence by this age...
With that being said. the robots named "Sexaroids" was in trend. These are the robots to satisfy humans' libido, and the millionaires who got bored of having sex with humans were enjoying somewhat abnormal hobbies with these robots... However, Makina in the army did not take this trend positively, since her policy to always keep her integrity in herself conflicted with what most of the citizens were thinking of... Despite Makina's impressions, people were fully cherishing and were becoming dependent of newest technology. However, one day, a big issue which was enough to make the humans fall in despair has occurred. Satan and his army suddenly came from foreign world with his castle to human world. Moreover, Satan has started attacking humans to also take over human world. An elimination of men and seeding to women has started by Satan's Army. Government has commanded the army to fight back this intolerable situation. The war became bigger and bigger, which ended up becoming the war between whole Satan's Army and human worldwide... In order to end this war, special forces of army decided to start a mission. That was to secretly send a soldier to Satan's castle which most of their men have left due to war and destroy Satan's Army from inside. Such plan was delegated to Makina, who recorded a number one score in simulation training held that year. Under huge responsibility and high pressure on her, Makina sneaked into Satan's castle and started her mission...

More details:


Developer: Shimizuan

Production status: Finished

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Game engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


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