Village of Lewd Monsters

Village of Lewd Monsters

2dcg 3d game Big ass Big tits Male protagonist Mobile game Monster girl Rpg Turn based combat

Game overview:

After getting lost in the forest also being caught in a storm, a young man lost his consciousness. Suddenly he wakes up in the inn with an Arachne girl, thanks to Fenrir that rescues him from fainted in the forest. After he recovers, Fenrir decides to train him to be a better man, he also met some other monster girls in this village and forced to help them as an errand boy, of course, they pay him with some money and their body. After that he decides to live with them with a beautiful big tits monster girls, he spends his entire life in that village.

More details:


Developer: Rune Walker   Patreon   Discord

Production status: Development in progress

Version: v0.3 Alpha

Censored: No

Game engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android


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