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About game:

After a long and bloody war, the armies of the southern demonic realm known as Dhul'Maō has finally been defeated by the Free Races. The 4th Demon King lies dead at last, his Obsidian Throne ruined and without heir. The proud cambion race, children of man and fiend, has been almost wiped out, and their homeland conquered by man, el and ör. An age of liberty and peace has prospered for centuries since the fall of the 4th, yet the inherent corruption of the land is starting to show the cracks of society, as old wounds reopen, and conflicts reignite.
You take up the role of a mage with the potential to become the future 5th Demon King. Taking its mantle, you'll bring back the old darkness and either create a sprawling empire, a ruinous war machine, or anything in between. As you gain followers, power and resources, you'll either manipulate people to serve you or make them bend through brute force. Will you indulge in a world of pleasure locked away from the outside world, or will you spread it to all of its four corners? The choice is up to you. In the end, Evil always finds a way.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: RMSR

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.2.0

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


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