Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet

Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet

2dcg Anal sex Bdsm Bukkake Censored Cosplay Male domination Male protagonist Oral sex School setting Spanking Urination

Game overview:

Follow the story of Kota, a mild-mannered student in Japan who is a fan of the up and coming Idol sensation Rui Kurumizaka. Wouldn't you know it she happens to attend the same university as him and is in one of his classes! Too shy to approach the cool and popular Rui, Kota is happy just to be in the same classroom as her. Then one day an accident occurs and the contents of Rui's bag spill out on the floor revealing an S&M magazine! Our hero steps up and claims ownership in order to save the true owner the embarrassment of owning up to possessing such salacious literature. And thus begins an unexpected and unusual affair. Join Kota and Rui as they explore the world of depravity as Master and Pet.

More details:


Developer: Norn/Cherry Kiss Games

Production status: Finished

Version: Unknown

Censored: Yes

Game engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


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