Little Red Riding Hood goes shopping

Little Red Riding Hood goes shopping

2d game 2dcg Female protagonist Japanese game Loli Platformer Rape

Game overview:

One day there was a really cute girl. As that girl was wearing a red bonnet, she was called Little Red Hiding Hood. She had a cute face and huge tits, and was already receiving curious eyes from men. One day her mother said as follows. "Little Red Hiding Hood. Take this vibrator around to your grandma's house. Make sure you greet her properly when you get round to her house" Her grandma's house is about 3 hours away from here in the mountains. Little Red Riding Hood was a bit anxious about going on her own. Her mother then said. "You are right. Beware not only the monsters, but also the child wearing the black hood. It seems that the black hood girl really hates you. Of course, there are human boys too. If they catch a girl like you....just imagine what they will do" Imagining this, Little Red Riding Hood was speechless. She had a rich imagination. Her mother then said as follows. "You be careful. Say hello to your grandma" Little Red Riding Hood left the village, and proceeded along the mountain path.

More details:


Developer: Nekoshaku

Production status: Finished

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Game engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Nekoshaku]


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