Subject: The First Escape

Mind control Sci-fi Adventure Lesbian Monster Futa/trans Tentacles Oral sex Bdsm Creampie Female protagonist Rape Group sex Horror Graphic violence Vore Spanking Animated Transformation 3d game Vaginal sex Female domination

About game:

Overview You find yourself exposed to unimaginable physical and sexual abuse, facing painful and even lethal dangers for the sake of an unknown cause. You are now immersed in a world without limits, rules, morals, or human rights. All you know is that you have to get out alive -- and in one piece. To survive and escape, you must learn to amplify the abilities of your own body.
Subject, The first escape, is a NSFW survival game in the form of a digital comic, where the player must find a way to escape a strange fortress, recover their erased memory, and investigate the purpose behind this strange place and everything that lives here. To advance, you must explore several areas looking for weapons, gadgets, chemicals, and fragments of forgotten information to help you in your escape. But always be careful, since many zones contains traps and horrific creatures that will try to abuse you sexually, kill you, or even worse. You might inject powerful chemical agents to increase your strength, speed, and health, among many other attributes; or you could let an enemy subdue you, and enjoy quality sex animations. Each level contains torture chambers, brimming with cruelty and sex. You may find yourself dragged in, powerless in the clutches of a terrifying enemy, or you could voluntarily enter with the aim of progress or reward. In these chambers you will be subjected to torture both biological and mechanical. To survive, you must inject strange substances into your veins, adapting your body to combat the terrors that await.



Developer: Nattmara Strange Games

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.6.0c public

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


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