2d game 3dcg Animated Big tits Corruption Female protagonist Sci-fi

Game overview:

2039, the giant sprawling city Zenon is in crisis because of tensions between humans and mutants over the exploitation of dark energy. Cybercorp, a powerful organization is causing controversy by training mutant hunters with special methods. Aline, just 18 years old, decides to leave the comfortable cocoon of the Alpha sector to immerse herself in a harder and more hostile world composed of the Beta, Gamma and Delta sectors. Trained in martial arts and having passed her virtual police training with success, the brunette enters the city's police force as well as a Rookie Slayer at Cybercorp. Her naive vision of the world is about to change is her destiny, out of the ordinary.

More details:


Developer: Maelion   Patreon   Discord

Production status: Development in progress

Version: v0.3.1A

Censored: No

Game engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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