Legend of Krystal: Rebirth

Legend of Krystal: Rebirth

2d game 2dcg Adventure Animated Female protagonist Furry Handjob Monster Oral sex Prostitution Rape Sci-fi Side-scroller Spanking Titfuck Vaginal sex

Game overview:

Krys will be sent to a jungle planet in pursuit of an escaped criminal, a female lust demon. Shit happens with her ship and she barely manages to land in a rain forest near the last location of her target...: a village of strange lizard/dinosaur-like people. Krys learns the lust demon instigated some chaos before moving forward to a location of special religious significance to the natives. Krys is prevented from pursuing the lust demon unless she proves her worth and helps the clan going back on their feet.

More details:


Developer: LOK Team   Patreon   Discord

Production status: Development abandoned

Version: v0.8

Censored: No

Game engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


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