Family, Friends and Strangers

Family, Friends and Strangers

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Game overview:

Family, Friends and Strangers is an adult Kinetic Novel. (i.e. not a game). Enter Parker Morrison's world, meet the characters around him, and follow their exploits. Warning - there are strong, non-avoidable elements of NTR in this story. If this is something you're not into, then this story probably isn't for you.
For those that have questioned this, it should be noted that this story does not take place in the present day. Chapter 1 contains sufficient references for you to be able to place the story in time, should that matter to you. I want to emphasize the words Kinetic Novel (i.e. not a game). If you don't know the difference, GIYF. If you post asking "is there a walkthrough," or "why are there no choices," or "can I avoid the NTR," you will most likely be mocked mercilessly by the denizens of this thread. I kid you not. Finally, a few words about updates. This story is updated on a variable schedule. Patrons and Subscribers have been polled multiple times on the subject, and overwhelmingly prefer that releases be "full chapters" as opposed to "however far the developer has gotten after X months." Thus, the update schedule varies significantly depending on (a) how much content is in a particular chapter and (b) how much the rest of the developer's life conflicts with his work on this story. The developer does NOT announce updates in advance - they are released when they are done, and not before. There are no "it will be released next week" pre-announcements. Not on Patreon, not on SubscribeStar, and not here. As a result, there are only two answers to "when is the next update scheduled?" Either (1) "it's been released to paying people, but nobody has posted it here" or (2) "nobody knows." For those who persist in asking this question, the others on this thread have the thread owner's permission to (a) tell them to come back and read this OP again, or (b) mock them mercilessly for not having done so, or (c) both.

More details:


Developer: JohnAndRich   Patreon

Production status: Development in progress

Version: v0.11 Full

Censored: No

Game engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


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